Piltover Technologies & Manipal University - Jaipur are collaborating to develop assistive technologies to reinforce the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.
Face shield
two face shields of different angles
Bolstered face shields with improved ergonomic design to afford additional curvature protection.
two face shields of different angles
head band for face masks
Thoughtfully designed headbands for face masks that reduce discomfort during extended periods of use.
The headbands are designed like a comb to prevent it from slipping down the back of the head.
two face shields of different angles
Splitters allow a ventilator to serve two users at once thereby doubling the work output.
two face shields of different angles
We are also developing efficient, accessible and reusable parts for an Ambu Bag set up.
Bi-Directional One-Way Valve
valve outer view and cross section view showing ball bearing inside
Affordable re-usable valves that are hassle-free to assemble, disassemble and disinfect. The check valve is developed with a ball bearing that floats inside the chamber to allow one-way flow of air.
splitter with specialized venturi junction
Enhanced air splitters that improves air flow while serving two users at once. Venturi incorporated at the junction allow air to flow through without compromising with the momentum thereby regulating airflow.
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